MNA holds approximately 150,000 paleontology specimens (fossil invertebrates, vertebrates, plants, and tracks and traces) from most of the fossil bearing geologic units in the region. Strengths from the Paleozoic Era include armored fish from the Devonian, Mississippian and Pennsylvanian invertebrates and plants, Permian sharks from the Kaibab Formation, and vertebrate and invertebrate tracks from the Coconino Sandstone. Significant Mesozoic fossils include plants and tracks from the Triassic Moenkopi Formation; and dinosaurs, plesiosaurs, turtles, other reptiles, mammals, and plants from the Triassic Chinle Formation, Jurassic Kayenta Formation, and numerous Cretaceous formations in the area. The collection also contains a number of important Pleistocene and Holocene specimens, most notably a collection from the National Park Service that until 2009 was housed at Northern Arizona University Quaternary Sciences Program (NAU-QSP). 

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Found 187 record(s)
Item SelectionAvailable ActionsImageScientific NameElement Name(s)Type StatusCatalog No.
Orophocrinus saltensisSyntypeMNA.N.205
Orophocrinus saltensisSyntypeMNA.N.206
Orophocrinus saltensisSyntypeMNA.N.207
Orophocrinus saltensisSyntypeMNA.N.208
Orophocrinus saltensisSyntypeMNA.N.209
Orophocrinus saltensisSyntypeMNA.N.210
Promytilus retususvalveHolotypeMNA.N.347
Cymatochiton? kaibabensisplateHolotypeMNA.N.351
Murchisonia geminocarinatashellHolotypeMNA.N.353
Bellerophon deflectusshellHolotypeMNA.N.472
Myalinella aduncavalveHolotypeMNA.N.542
Euconospira? cryptoliratacastSyntypeMNA.N.545
Euconospira? cryptolirataSyntypeMNA.N.547
Euomphalus kaibabensisshellHolotypeMNA.N.557
Glabrocingulum laeviliratumshellHolotypeMNA.N.567
Platyworthenia delicatashellHolotypeMNA.N.571
Mourlonia cancellatashell, moldHolotypeMNA.N.577
Rimmyjimina arculavalveHolotypeMNA.N.941
Cerithiopsis sohliLectotypeMNA.N.1148
Dicromyocrinus beusiHolotypeMNA.N.1183
Dicromyocrinus carrizoensiscrownHolotypeMNA.N.1198
Pyropsis kochiHolotypeMNA.N.1218
Cerithiopsis sohliLectotypeMNA.N.1235
Gryphaeostrea nationsiHolotypeMNA.N.1240
Aviculopinna sagittavalveHolotypeMNA.N.1300
Pernotrochus arizonensisSyntypeMNA.N.1305
Bakevellia prorashellHolotypeMNA.N.1307
Pycnodonte newberryivalveHolotypeMNA.N.1473
Metacoceras unklesbayiinternal mold, phragmaconeHolotypeMNA.N.1506
Domatoceras bradyiinternal mold, castHolotypeMNA.N.1517
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