Consisting of approximately 2,200 works including oil or acrylic paintings, works on paper (watercolors, drawings, sketches, etchings, block prints, and lithographs), and sculptures, the Fine Art collection at MNA documents artistic pursuits on the Colorado Plateau. A particular strength is our holdings of Native American works by artists important for their individual achievements as well as their association, either as students or faculty, with the Santa Fe Indian School. The collection also includes contemporary and historically significant works by Anglo-American artists from the late-nineteenth to early-twentieth century, many of whom were among the first to visit and record the landscapes and people of the Colorado Plateau region.  

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Item SelectionAvailable ActionsImageTitleMediaArtistCultureCatalog No.
File: 'c1 (1)'
Horses in a Sandstormpencil, paperSeecody, MarkNavajo, DinéC1
File: 'c2'
Horses and Cowboyswatercolor, paperHoliday, KeithNavajoC2
File: 'c3'
Rug Designwatercolor, paperC3
File: 'c4'
sandpaintingwatercolor, paperC4
File: 'C5_front'
Mounted Navajoswatercolor, gouache, paperBegay, KeatsNavajoC5
File: 'c6'
Snakedance Groupwatercolor, paperC6
File: 'c7'
Sandpaintingsand, paint, paperC7
File: 'c8A'
linocut, paperC8A
File: 'C9A_side1_cropped'
Pueblolinocut, paperBennett, JoeNavajo, DinéC9A
File: 'c9B'
nonelinoleum blockC9B
File: 'c11'
File: 'c14'
File: 'c15'
File: 'c16'
Textile Designwatercolor, paperC16
File: 'c17'
File: 'c18'
Samplerthread, fabricC18
File: 'C20'
stencilpastel, paperC20
File: 'c21'
Hilili Kachinawatercolor, paperC21
File: 'c22A'
Shiplinocut, paperC22A
File: 'c23'
Blanket Designwatercolor, paperC23
File: 'c24_front'
Horses in a Meadowwatercolor, paperC24
File: 'c25'
Designwatercolor, paperC25
File: 'c26'
Blanket Designwatercolor, pencil, paperC26
File: 'c27'
Covered Wagonpencil, paperC27
File: 'c28'
nonewatercolor, paperC28
File: 'c29'
Portraittempera, paperC29
File: 'c30'
"Pow Wow, Flagstaff Arizona"paperC30
File: 'c31a'
Man in Blanketlinocut, paperC31A
File: 'c31b'
Man in Blanketlinocut, paperC31B
File: 'c32'
Sandpaintingwatercolor, paperC32
File: 'c33'
Sandpaintingwatercolor, paperC33
File: 'c34'
Sandpaintingwatercolor, paperC34
File: 'c35'
nonepaint, linocutC35
File: 'c36'
File: 'c37'
File: 'c38'
Design: Hammer and Nailswatercolor, paperC38
File: 'c39'
Designwatercolor, paperC39
File: 'c40'
Horse Tied to a Postpencil, paperC40
File: 'c41'
Horse Tied to a Postpencil, paperC41
File: 'c42'
Burrospencil, paperC42
File: 'c43'
"Come to Navajo Land"ink, paperC43
File: 'c44'
File: 'c45'
File: 'c48'
File: 'c49'
File: 'c50'
File: 'c58'
File: 'c59'
paint, fabricC59
File: 'c60'
paint, fabricC60
File: 'c61'
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