Consisting of approximately 2,200 works including oil or acrylic paintings, works on paper (watercolors, drawings, sketches, etchings, block prints, and lithographs), and sculptures, the Fine Art collection at MNA documents artistic pursuits on the Colorado Plateau. A particular strength is our holdings of Native American works by artists important for their individual achievements as well as their association, either as students or faculty, with the Santa Fe Indian School. The collection also includes contemporary and historically significant works by Anglo-American artists from the late-nineteenth to early-twentieth century, many of whom were among the first to visit and record the landscapes and people of the Colorado Plateau region.  

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File: 'c1 (1)'
Horses in a Sandstormpencil, paperSeecody, MarkNavajo, DinéC1
File: 'C5_front'
Mounted Navajoswatercolor, gouache, paperBegay, KeatsNavajoC5
File: 'C9A_side1_cropped'
Pueblolinocut, paperBennett, JoeNavajo, DinéC9A
File: 'c77(1)'
Rocky Mountain Sheep Dancerswatercolor, gouache, paperKabotie, FredHopiC77
File: 'C83_side1_cropped'
Hogan and Wagon in Landscapewatercolor, paperSloan, JohnNavajoC83
File: 'C85_side1_cropped'
tempera, paperShortman, JoeNavajo, DinéC85
File: 'C87_side1_cropped'
Design: Horned Toadstempera, paperMorez, FlorenceNavajo, DinéC87
File: 'C107_side1_cropped'
design: Birdtempera, paperPreston, EvelynHopiC107
File: 'c152(1)'
Buffalo Hunterwatercolor, gouache, paperHouser, Allan, HaozousChiricahua ApacheC152
File: 'C153_front(1)'
Apache Girl's Adolescent Ceremonywatercolor, gouache, paperHouser, Allan, HaozousChiricahua ApacheC153
File: 'C333_side1_cropped'
Dust on the Desertchalk pastel, paperGonnie, DennisNavajoC333
File: 'C346_side1_cropped'
Deerink, paperYazzie, LloydNavajoC346
File: 'C348_side1_noscale'
Designwatercolor, ink, paperNumkena, DennisHopiC348
File: 'C357_side1_cropped'
Five Kachinaslinocut, paperHonhongeva, MartinHopiC357
File: 'C362A_side1_noscale'
Sleeping Navahoswatercolor, gouache, paperChee, RobertNavajoC362A
File: 'C364_side1_cropped'
Seesawchalk pastel, paperBegay, MarthaNavajoC364
File: 'c370(1)'
Navajo Shepherdesswatercolor, gouache, paperBegay, Harrison, Haskay-Yahne-YahNavajoC370
File: 'C373_front'
Walpioil, canvas boardBorg, Carl OscarangloC373
File: 'C374_front'
Grand Canyonwatercolor, paperWidforss, GunnarSwedishC374
File: 'C449_side1_noscale'
Mesas in the Desertwatercolor, paperHonahni, AnthonyHopiC449
File: 'C452_side1_cropped_edited'
Roosterink, pencil, paperGray, DarleneNavajoC452
File: 'C487_front'
Hopi Women's Basket Dancewatercolor, gouache, paperKabotie, FredHopiC487
File: 'C488_front'
Santa Clara Mountain Sheep Dancewatercolor, gouache, paperKabotie, FredHopiC488
File: 'c490_noframe'
Mixed Kachinaswatercolor, gouache, paperKabotie, FredHopiC490
File: 'c491'
Buffalo Dancewatercolor, gouache, paperKabotie, FredHopiC491
File: 'C505_front'
The New Bride Womanwatercolor, gouache, paperPolelonema, OtisHopiC505
File: 'C510_front'
Hopi Old Butterfly Dancewatercolor, gouache, paperPolelonema, OtisHopiC510
File: 'C529_front'
Hunting Horseswatercolor, gouache, paperHouser, Allan, HaozousChiricahua ApacheC529
File: 'c530(1)'
Crown Dancer (or Mountain Way Dancer)watercolor, gouache, paperHouser, Allan, HaozousChiricahua ApacheC530
File: 'c531 (1)'
Apache Girlswatercolor, gouache, paperHouser, Allan, HaozousChiricahua ApacheC531
File: 'C532_side1_noscale'
Apache Woman Herding Sheepwatercolor, gouache, paperHouser, Allan, HaozousChiricahua ApacheC532
File: 'C538_front'
Corn Dance with Kosharewatercolor, gouache, paperPena, Tonita, Quah AhCochitiC538
File: 'C541_front'
Cochiti Basket Dancewatercolor, gouache, paperPena, Tonita, Quah AhCochitiC541
File: 'C542_side1_noscale'
Three Skunks and Birdwatercolor, gouache, paperPena, BenSan IldefonsoC542
File: 'c561(1)'
Navajo Couple on Their Journeywatercolor, gouache, illustration boardBegay, Harrison, Haskay-Yahne-YahNavajoC561
File: 'c578'
Koshares Climbing Polepaper, watercolor, gouacheAwa Tsireh, Roybal, AlfonsoSan IldefonsoC578
File: 'c579'
Pueblo Woman with Katsina Dollpen, ink, ink wash, paperRoybal, Alfonso, Awa TsirehSan IldefonsoC579
File: 'C580_front'
Pottery-Making: Firingwatercolor, gouache, paperAwa Tsireh, Roybal, AlfonsoSan IldefonsoC580
File: 'C581_side1'
Pottery-Making: Painting the Vesselspaper, gouache, watercolorAwa Tsireh, Roybal, AlfonsoSan IldefonsoC581
File: 'C588_side1_noscale'
Two Deerwatercolor, paper, gouacheSanchez, Abel, Oqwa PiSan IldefonsoC588
File: 'C598_front'
Forest Animalswatercolor, board, gouacheLujan, Merina, Pop ChaleeTaosC598
File: 'C599_side1_noscale'
Ten Mythical Horseswatercolor, gouache, paperLujan, Merina, Pop ChaleeTaosC599
File: 'C639_front'
Thunderbird and Fawnswatercolor, paper, gouacheHerrera, Velino Shije, Ma Pe WiZiaC639
File: 'c640'
Hopi Supai Social Dance; Ute Dancegouache, paper, watercolorKabotie, FredHopiC640
File: 'C642_front'
Koshare Sun Designink, paper, watercolorAwa Tsireh, Roybal, AlfonsoSan IldefonsoC642
File: 'C643_front'
Navajo Landpaper, watercolor, inkBegay, KeatsNavajoC643
File: 'C655_front'
Two Clownsink, paper, watercolorVelarde, Pablita, Tse TsanSanta ClaraC655
File: 'C657_front'
Sacred Mountain - Westink, watercolor, paperBegay, Harrison, Haskay-Yahne-YahNavajoC657
File: 'C658_front'
Sacred Mountain - Southpaper, watercolor, inkBegay, Harrison, Haskay-Yahne-YahNavajoC658
File: 'C658_front'
Sacred Mountain - Northgouache, paper, watercolorBegay, Harrison, Haskay-Yahne-YahNavajoC659
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